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Monoblock UPS systems

Monoblock UPS systems provide classic solutions, which have been successfully implemented for years. Because of our concern for high quality of offered devices and for our client's energy savings, we have selected two manufacturers for you.


EVER, a well known and widely recognized Polish manufacturer of UPS systems, designing devices intended mainly for our domestic market. The Research and Development department systematically implements pioneering solutions using, among other things, supercondensers as a source for energy storage or a full reactive inductive and capacitive power compensation of not only the UPS systems but of the entire facility as well.



capacity 6 – 10kVA, phase configuration 1:1.

Technologically advanced on-line UPS system, designed to operate with devices of a single-phase power network – 230V servers and computer networks


capacity from 10 to 20kVA, phase configuration 3:1

The online UPS system with a three-phase input designed to operate with a single-phase receiving installation, e.g. servers and computer networks.



capacity 10 – 80kVA, phase configuration 3:3

Online UPS supply system designed to support a three-phase input and output. Designed to operate with particularly sensitive receivers. The UPS system features the function of reactive inductive and capacitive power compensation.


phase configuration 3:3

Online UPS system designed to operate in a three-phase system. Dedicated for both computer networks and data processing facilities as well as industrial applications.